How I become a Musician, Singer, Songwriter and Dancer…

If I remember the right, it was the summer of 2006. I was living in my hometown Chinchwad, Pune. I was about to start learning dance by seeing Michael Jackson, and after few years later I started to take lessons of music, writing songs and singing by watching YouTube videos.

Well I did everything which is any good artist gonna do for his career. I thought I will be the next Michael Jackson within coming few months. However, the reality was not the same. It felt like my dream is million miles away from me. I had everything that a good artist could have but I failed miserably.

Let’s talk about how I learnt to dance. I always dreamed about the best things and in Dance there was only one name I was constantly hearing about is none other than The Man Michael Jackson! I heard MJ’s name so many times but I never saw his dance moves until the summer of 2006.

I got introduced to Michael Jackson from the one of my closest friends, who gave me a disc of music videos of MJ. When I played the videos in my DVD Player I saw that there were millions of people screaming his name like crazy. I was like ‘why these people screaming like that?’ I even saw that girls are fainted while he performs or maybe just by seeing him. However, after watching and listening to his music and dance oh god! What was that? How did he do that? I wanted to that move and that move was Moonwalk. It took me 8 months to learn this move completely. After few hours later watching his live videos i concluded that this person is truly a genius!

Then next day I decided I just wanted to be likes of him. No matter how much time it will take to reach him or reach that level. I just simply decided that if I want to live my life I will live that in Michael Jackson way. The dream was big and the road was not that simple as I thought. It is so hard to reach MJ’s qualities, and I am still working on it to reach that perfection level.

Well I am from a poor family background and we live in a slum areas of India. So this is the big reason I never afford to pay any dance or music classes. Even my parents hates about my dancing. I learnt dance in the night while my parents were sleeping. What I did that time was simply downloading Michael Jackson’s live performances from YouTube, and then I go and watch those videos in my DVD player and trying to copy his moves. Some of his moves seems like impossible to me to do but I never loose my hopes and tried constantly until it’s get done. I got success over to his moves. One of the example as i mentioned previously Moonwalk. It took so much time to learn that move. In addition, steps by step I almost learn how to dance like Michael Jackson.

Day by day I started realised that simply dancing like Michael Jackson will never gonna create a career like MJ. You need to be a great musician, singer, songwriter, and the most importantly an entertainer. Then I started to learn about music. However, the biggest question remained the same where I can learn music? And the solution was there too. If I can learn dance through the internet then why  i can’t learn music composing from it? I started searching various musical software and found a great one called FL Studio. These days so many people thought, composing music through software is so easy. Well That’s not true. I am still learning that software since 2008. Since music has become one my biggest addiction. I always thought about the melodies, basses, drums, samples, new plugins, new lyrics and all. I just cant get enough of it.

Now this time I was ready with my album. I tried to approach many record companies but unfortunately they never responded my emails. Also I wanted to shift from India to USA to pursue my music career but I was short on the finances. Literally tried thousands of different sources to make a living from my music but i failed miserably. I went bankrupt many times.

But one fine day I changed my attitude towards my music career and I started to rethink about it. I started to jot down the list of what are the possible ways to get a career in music. And finally I got an answer which is common these days, which is none other than use the INTERNET to build my fan base. This is exactly what I am doing now. Trying to build my fan base and you are one of my few fans who is reading this.

Music is a huge topic and it really showed me the way of living life peacefully and satisfactory way. At the beginning I struggled a lot to create music and finally in the year of 2008 I created my first record using FL studio software. Which took me almost more than 2 years to learn the fundamentals of the software.

I want to be a huge star like Michael Jackson, this can be happen only by my fans, that’s you. and you can support me by downloading my latest album ‘The Path Of My Life’ ,or by clicking the link HERE. Also i wanted to say thanks for the giving me your valuable time to read me. Leave your comments below I want to know about your opinion about me. I will try to respond you within 24 hours.


  • Carla rae says:

    I anything is possible. MJ was 1 in a million there is no other. Find your own sound and experience lots of different music and dance then create your own. I think you have talent you just gotta fine tune it. Your story is really cool! Good luck I will be watching…

    • Vishal Pawar says:

      Thank you So much Carla. I am trying my best to be original as much as possible. I am creating new music new sounds, new dance moves, writing songs all together.

      I really appreciate your thoughts about me. Thanks for taking to time read me…

  • 吴钰铮 says:

    Hello i come from China .Your dream is possible if you try hard.
    may be you Don’t need to be a person like MJ,you can be a new one and even pop than MJ.
    Good luck,bro

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